•  Optima Security Inc. provides a complete range of products and services to satisfy the customer’s needs regardless of size. We understand that your information and assets are invaluable to your operation and success. Optima Security is involved in all aspects of the installation process including: 
  •  Planning 
  •  Design
  •  Integration
  •  Installation
  •  Commissioning
  •  Training                                                                                                                        So you the client can focus on your day-to-day operations and bottom line. 

Access Control Systems

  •  In this day and age, no matter how big or small your organization may be intelligent Access Control Systems are mandatory. Companies need to be to able protect certain areas of their business and be able tell who has been where and when. These systems will lock out unauthorized persons and accurately identify and record the entry and exit of all authorized personnel. With the installation of an Access Control System you can now monitor who's coming through your business 24 hours a day. With today's Access Control Systems you can even go beyond that and integrate it with your alarm and/or CCTV systems. Optima Security supports the major standard access control systems available in the security industry. 

Enterprise Video Surveillance

  •  Theft and vandalism cost business millions of dollars each year. The causes may be internal or external. If you really want to see what's going on in your business, your best bet is a digital based CCTV system. DIGITAL CCTV is one of the latest developments in the world of CCTV. Digital CCTV Surveillance uses current PC technology to digitize the camera images and compress them into a PC friendly format. These digital images are then stored on a computers Hard Disk Drive. Once the digital images are stored it is possible to save the footage and access it quick and easily. Video Surveillance solutions can help you better deter theft, detect fraudulent liability claims and document events so that your entire business can be more protected. It can also point out various inefficiencies in your organization's productivity and help you monitor and control quality. Not only is it one of the best deterrents of crime, you will be shocked to see what you've been missing. There are various applications for CCTV. No matter what your application is, big or small, Optima Security believes there's no CCTV application to complicated or demanding for us. 

Intrusion Alarm Solutions

  •  Each year, businesses lose millions of dollars to theft and vandalism that could be prevented with the installation of an alarm system. But these losses aren't limited to only the loss of merchandise and equipment, they include the disclosure of personal information that your customers trust to be kept private. Alarm systems offer an inexpensive way to protect your business. When companies consider an alarm system, it's usually for one of two reasons. Either they're getting a system installed for the first time, or they just experienced the loss and disruption to business operations caused by robbery, vandalism, or a break-in. Alarm systems help deter burglars, discourage employee theft, and ensure employee safety. Whether you want protection for your business, home, or apartment Optima Security can provide you with a 24 hr. monitored solution.