Corporate Security

 Security has become top priority for tenants in commercial properties. For landlords and property managers seeking to attract and keep tenants, a safe, protected environment is critical. At Optima Security we don't just sell corporate security systems, we provide a complete business security solution to protect your employees and assets with minimum interruption to your day-to-day operations. Whether a prospective tenant is looking for new space or an existing tenant is renewing a lease, the building's overall security will affect their leasing decisions. 


 From individual retail locations to distribution centers the risks that today's businesses face, both internally and externally, have grown increasingly complex. Regardless of the size of your organization, Optima Security has the expertise and the experience to custom design an integrated security solution that will meet your businesses needs. 


 For small Business/commercial properties, protecting your investment, inventory, and its employees is a much greater challenge than ever before. Typically with small businesses slower traffic patterns and lower occupancy rates are prevalent, thus means fewer deterrents against theft, vandalism and other crimes.  A security system is more than protection, it is also prevention. We take the protection of your investment, inventory and employees very seriously. Optima Security recognizes these challenges and offers a unique security program tailored to the specific needs of small business/commercial sites.